The Unemployable Initiative
Brian Clark

The Unemployable Initiative

Brian Clark

Welcome to The Unemployable Initiative

Discover how to build your version of the perfect business with proven strategies and processes.

What we do

We help freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and startup founders join the growing number of tiny businesses that are creating an out-sized impact. 

And not just in revenue, which can be a lot, but in the impact that your business can have on both your customers and on your lifestyle and personal satisfaction.

(Note: We are not currently accepting new members at this time. In the meantime, you are welcome to complete the application questions and we'll be sure to notify you once the doors to the Initiative reopen.)

Why you should join

The surprising number of million-dollar businesses without employees or investors continues to grow every year thanks to advances in digital technology and changes in the workforce. 

There’s never been a better time to be a company of one (or a very small team) that wants to build a sanely ambitious business.

But even though you may be building your business alone, you don't have to go it alone. The Unemployable Initiative is a digital community for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and startup founders to get actionable advice and valuable resources that will help them build their version of the perfect small business. Plus, members will discover powerful networking opportunities with like-minded peers and proven experts.

Proven advice, helpful resources, and timely support -- they're what every freelancer and online entrepreneur need to succeed. You'll find them in abundance here in the Unemployable Initiative.

About us

Brian Clark is the founder of Unemployable and the host of the Unemployable Initiative -- resources that provide smart advice for freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

He's also the founder of the pioneering content marketing website Copyblogger, the Gen X personal growth newsletter Further, and a local lifestyle site for his home of Boulder, Colorado called Your Boulder. 

Brian has started 10 businesses in the last 20 years, either solo or as a co-founder. The first one failed, but every company since has yielded higher revenue, profits, and happiness.

Jerod Morris is Brian's frequent co-host on the Unemployable podcast and the community manager of the Unemployable Initiative. He's a writer, showrunner, and experienced online entrepreneur who has built three successful online businesses.

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